The Auxocell Advantage – Introducing the AC:Px System

Auxocell Laboratories, Inc. is a leading solid tissue processing equipment manufacturing company located in Massachusetts.

Our team of dedicated researchers combines unparalleled experience with a drive for innovation.

Auxocell was founded by tissue banking pioneers whose involvement and knowledge of the industry since the early 1990s proved crucial to developing the AC:Px system.

Through strategic partnerships, Auxocell strives every day to help bring revolutionary therapies from the bench to the bedside through its processing technology.

Auxocell maintains a strong Patent Portfolio, which we continue to grow through licenses and patent applications.

The AC:Px System is neither intended nor designed for point of care use, and users should not attempt to use the System for that purpose. The user is responsible for validating the AC:Px System as part of its manufacturing process, and bears responsibility for the regulatory status of the output of the processing system.